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In september 2002, we started teaching at the university of hong kong hku, as part of. A grammar of the asante and fante language called tshi chwee, twi. This paper investigates synchronic vowel replacement patterns in the mfantse dialect of akan. Clc has been employed in the production of learning materials for languages such as dagaare and zhuang, the largest minority language. The twi basic course is one of a series prepared by the foreign service insti tute in its special african languages program, coordinated by earl w. Learn akan twi grammar lesson 1 twi language basics.

A modern akan language dictionary for young children. Most ghanaians want to help you learn the language. Both the english language and akan make use of the latin script. Akan also known as twi and fante, is an akan language that is the principal native language of. Though twi is neither the official language nor is it the lingua franca, its one of the most widely spoken of the seventy 70 languages in ghana. You are welcome to the very first lesson under the twi grammar module, brought to you by this module seeks to teach. Like most languages spoken south of the sahara, twi is a tone language, which means that word distinction is determined not only by vowels and consonants, but also by th more. Linguistic analysis of the akan language pdf 78 pages. In all, the akan alphabet is made up of 22 letters. Our core aim at is to promote the reading, writing and speaking of the akan language across the globe.

See more ideas about ghana language, ghana, learning. Twi pronounced chwee is a language spoken in ghana by about 6 million people. Pdf vowel replacement patterns in the mfantse dialect of. You are welcome to the very first lesson under the twi grammar module, brought to you by this module seeks to teach you the basic grammar rules that make up the akan language. Twi, also known as akan and fante, is an akan language that is the principal native language of akan lands in ghana, spoken over much of the southern half of that country, by about 58% of the population, and among 30% of the population of ivory coast. So, youll find that both languages have a similar set of letters making up their alphabet. Your language learning, whether twi or any of the seventy 70 languages in ghana, will be a fun puzzle. Founded in june 2016 by stephen awiba, the website features a wide range of useful lessons touching on different aspects of the language. A proficiency course in akan language and culture, is the outcome of many years of teaching and research on the akan language and culture by the authors. Out of these, a whopping 20 are found in the 26lettered english alphabet. All volunteers learn basic survival twi regardless of whatever other ghanaian language they learn for their site.

The descendants of escaped slaves in the interior of suriname and. Look up simple akan language words and translate between akan english, akan deutsch, akan french, today. Twi is most widely spoken language in ghana, with about 8. It is understood by roughly 99% of ghanas population. Hitherto, the akan vowel harmony system has been the only aspect of vowel replacement process that has. Conversational language learning in terms of language learning. Com is a free elearning website dedicated to helping you to read, write and speak the akan language, spoken in most parts of ghana in west africa. Fsi twi basic course student text fsi languagesyojik. Learn twi akan fante ghana language training course guide. Learn akan learn to read, write, and speak the akan. English is the official language used in government, education and commerce.

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