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The anatomy of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. Read more about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications, causes and prognosis. However, the platysma flap remains an alternative for reconstruction of the oral cavity because it is versatile, portable, and thin. Injection of botulinum toxin to platysma bands youtube.

The anatomy of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system smas. May 07, 2019 the mentalis muscle is a paired muscle located at the lower end of the chin, which acts as the primary muscle of the lower lip. Injection of botulinum toxin to platysma bands z paul lorenc. It is con tinuous with the superficial musculo aponeurotic system5,8. The platysma is derived from the second branchial arch, the masseter from the first branchial arch. It is continuous with horners muscle and encircles the eyelid margins mainly between the. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Platysma dystonia is an involuntary movement of platysma muscle. The platysma muscle is found at the front of the neck, under the chin. This muscle chart ebook covers the following regions. Superficial to the platysma muscle and the smas, the anlage of the superficial adipose layer with fibrous septa is observed figures 8b and 8c. Turkey neck is more common in women than men, and many people seek cosmetic surgical procedures, such as a neck lift, to reduce the appearance of a sagging platysma muscle. Musculo skeletal system trunk, limbs, and head general statements.

Facial exercise routine for firming the neck and double chin. This tissue is a very superficial layer of fatty connective tissue. Anatomical comparison of platysmal tightening using. Five cases are presented, three men and two women, 51 and 71. The platysma muscles are free floating in the neck and actually are pulled forward by their own contraction. Clinical presentation and evaluation of the underlying causes are crucial for accurate diagnosis and successful treatment. Pdf background since 2004, microneurovascular platysma transfer has been used for dynamic eye closure in longstanding facial palsy. The platysma is a superficial muscle that overlaps the sternocleidomastoid it is a broad sheet arising from the fascia covering the upper parts of the pectoralis major and deltoid. There is an important distinction seen between pennate muscles and other muscles.

The superficial musculoaponeurotic system smas can be identified in primates as panniculus carnosus and in humans in layer 3. Development of the platysma muscle and the superficial. A sub mental incision with sharp dissection was performed to raise a. Turkey neck is more common in women than men, and many people seek cosmetic surgical procedures, such as a neck lift, to reduce the appearance of a sagging platysma.

Platysma muscle stock photos download 4 royalty free photos. One muscle, the platysma muscle, plays a major role in frowning. If bones provide the framework, the joints provide the flexibility by permitting movement. The platysma muscle is expansive in size, with a broad width that spans the collarbone, or clavicle, and the side of the neck.

Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. It is a broad sheet arising from the fascia covering the upper parts of the pectoralis major and deltoid. It also inserts into the lower lip depressor muscles. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. The platysma flap was described in 1970 by paul tessier, but was immediately eclipsed by other techniques such as the myocutaneous pectoralis flap or the microsurgical temporary flap 57. Objective to delineate the superior facial extent of the platysma muscle. In this case report, we would like to report a good result of peripheral nerve denervation for. Its point of origination is the upper portions of the pectoral, or. Botox for sagging necks platysma virtual consultation in dallas, texas. The platysma muscle was identified and isolated during the procedure. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. The platysma muscle lies within the subcutaneous tissue in the anterolateral neck. Dec 12, 20 in the parotid region, the platysma muscle and the smas are separated from the parotid gland capsule propia by connective tissue, the anlage of the parotid fascia.

Can you treat minor sagging under chin without sewing. Oct 11, 2012 2 responses to platysma ian brown november 9, 2012 at 4. Bilaterally, paraxial mesoderm become somites and somitomeres. The platysma muscle literally wraps your neck and attaches to the facial muscles. The platysma is considered to be one of the muscles of facial expression because of its association with the skin of the face and neck, and because it will join to muscles that surround the mouth. Picture of head and neck muscles learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. Discussion a b the platysma originates in the pec toralis major muscle fascia and inserts into the overlying skin of the mandible and lower face. This ebook contains highquality illustrations and validated information about each muscle.

The platysma is a superficial muscle that overlaps the sternocleidomastoid. The platysma muscle and hyoid bone cradle for submandibular gland ptosis was created on the left side of the neck in two cadavers. As the platysma thins with age, it is noted that cervical platysmal bands often recur after a traditional facelift procedure where the platysma is tightened and fixed to the mastoid fascia. The gross anatomy of a muscle is the most important indicator of its role in the body. Methods a total of 142 facial halves were examined from 71 consecutive deepplane rhytidectomies performed over a period of 3 months. The platysma muscle is a muscle that runs from the upper chest and shoulders, up through the neck, and attaches to various parts of the lower face. The mesoderm comprising each somite differentiates into three regions. Platysma definition of platysma by medical dictionary.

Nov 01, 2015 the platysma muscle is a wide thin sheet of muscle fibres which extend from the collar bone to the angle of the jaw. Crossing its upper corners outward and downward is a thready skin muscle platysma myoides which lifts the skin into high folds and draws down larger in the corners of the mouth. Anatomy, head and neck, platysma statpearls ncbi bookshelf. Surgical anatomy of the superficial musculoaponeurotic.

A joint, or articulation, is the junction between two or more bones. Somitomeres develop rostral to the notochord in the head. Apr 15, 2020 the second component of the musculoskeletal system are the joints. Anatomic evaluation of anterior platysma muscle sciencedirect. They are like somites, but smaller and less distinctly organized. In most muscles, all the fibers are oriented in the same direction, running in a line from the origin to the insertion.

However, these muscles do not have a fixed attachment like other muscles that attach to ligaments and bone. Test your knowledge of this muscle with an interactive quizprintable worksheet. Download 4 platysma muscle stock photos for free or amazingly low rates. Pdf blink restoration in longstanding facial paralysis.

The latter allows the greatest freedom of movement. Mar 01, 2019 the platysma muscle is found at the front of the neck, under the chin. Musculo definition of musculo by medical dictionary. Hemifacial spasm a facial dyskinesia, that has close resemblance to other similar disorders. Modern facelift surgery was initiated by skoog, who elevated a cervicofacial flap deep to the platysma and the superficial fascia of the face. This muscle originates from the mandible lower jaw and provides. The objective of this paper is to show that platysma flaps have good results and should be an alternative in reconstructive surgery for oral tumors when microsurgery is not possible. It is a versatile, portable, and thin flap, is easy to perform, and can be obtained during neck dissection, with a primary closure of the donor site. Objectives to quantify the degree of submental platysmal tightening that can be accomplished with superficial musculoaponeurotic system smas plication vs deepplane rhytidectomy techniques in a cadaveric anatomical study to help dictate the need for midline platysmal surgery when using different. The platysma muscle is invested by the superficial fas cia.

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