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This is a small windows program i wrote in visual basic as a handy calculator for a number of. Camera lens testing focus testing bob atkins photography. Today nikon announced the update and upgrade of their flagship telephoto lens the afs nikkor 70200mm f2. Most are in the ef series which will operate on all canon eos slr camera bodies whether 35mm, full frame digital or cropped sensor digital. Tamron 1750 or canon 1855 is in canon ef and efs lenses. Another option that works for some folks is to print a bob atkins photo test chart from his website, and stick on a wall. In the digital rebel t1i canon have extended this facility to apply the correction in the camera to. Interesting reading to be sure and im glad that several of my lenses are these lists. Acutance is a relatively new measurement from the ieee camera phone image quality cpiq group. A question that seems to be coming up more and more frequently on web photo forums is how to test a lens. Reikan focal target downloads, documents and useful links. Even if i set my z7s noncpu lens data, my z7 still doesnt record the focal length or shooting aperture in its exif data, as my. Mangin mirrors are simply lenses with one side of the lens being either aluminized or, in the case of tamrons mirror lenses, silvered for peak reflectivity. Standard target vector pdf can be scaled to any size and keep highest quality standard target 600dpi png use for printing if the pdf is inappropriate multipoint focus target vector pdf can be scaled to any size and keep.

It can calculate the depthoffield given the focus distance and lens settings, or the. Lensalign i had the competing one, and it did not work as well. The required correction is stored in a database and applied on a lens by lens basis when one of the database lenses is used. For a while now canon have provided the ability to correct vignetting during raw conversion using canons dpp software. The focustune software enables semiautomatic measurement of two things. When specifying a lens to meet the demands of machine vision applications, systems developers must choose products that faithfully reproduce the object being imaged. This also works well, with the long ruler, and the software, and is time consuming but nails it. Imatest is an excellent suite of software tools designed to test lenses and. His results emphasise my original post base lens quality is key. Camera lens testing physical condition bob atkins photography. Bob atkins at bob atkins photography used to maintain a database of ef lenses. I have switched from the bob atkins focus chart described in the video to a new, crosshatch target i created in ps.

I tried this on my canon 300d without much success, nothing wrong with the image i just found manual focus soooooooooooo hard to get right with the shallow depth of field. Bob atkins site lensplay contains a database of canon mount lenses with quality ratings assigned by himself and user feedback. These ratings represent a compilation by bob atkins and not necessarily his opinions. The canon eos 1d mkiv includes a highlight tone priority htp setting. Tamron 1750 or canon 1855 is canon ef and efs lenses. Browse other questions tagged lens software zoom focal. Lens testing is seen as a way to make sure you got a good one. Hi, i actually have the tamron 500 sp f8 and i think its a t2 mount. This old style swappable tmount cheap mirror lens is sold under a variety of brands. Well, unless youre shooting a static subject with the camera and lens on a tripod, it probably doesnt mean much. How can i visualize or simulate the effect of different focal lengths. See why bob atkins describes this lightweight telephoto lens as the best bang for the buck. This new target produces much more consistent results.

Theres a lot here, so be sure to use the search function to help you find what you are looking for. Canon date codes from bob atkins photography eos faq. A simple guide to basic tests you can do on camera lenses to make sure they are. Camera lens testing bob atkins photography home page. How to use vintage lenses with your dslr using manual focus lenses on canon eos bodies a common question is whether older manual focus lenses from other. Exposure, program, aperture priority, shutter priority and depthof field. The canon eos lens database bob atkins photography. Understanding distortion in machine vision lenses vision. I found a set of old minolta lenses from my dad, and i was wondering if i could use them on my new camera. Part 6 lens testing for resolution, chromatic aberration and distortion. If you want to really try to see how well a tc does in combo with one of your lenses bob atkins is a good model to emulate. There are quite a number of questions about wideangle lens selection and about this lens in particular.

The canon eos 650 is a 35 mm singlelens reflex camera. Canon cameras digital can be popular around the world as a possible image resolution gear and data methods. Acutance and sqf subjective quality factor imatest. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. Canons eos rebel sl3 eos 250d is the latest in the companys line of diminutive dslrs. Sqf was used for years in the photographic industry but has remained unfamiliar to most photographers.

You can find his site at for a quick consise summary of the top 20 lenses in various price categories go to this article on bob s original site best canon eos lenses. See more ideas about lenses, photography equipment and camera hacks. Special pages permanent link page information wikidata item cite this page. Tired of missing shots when you need to change lenses or add an extender. I actually dont have it on my 40d and ive never had the need for it with the lenses i own. Camera lens testing vignetting bob atkins photography. The following target images are available for download also supplied in zip and dmg packages with focal software. In the eos 50d canon have extended this facility to apply the correction in the camera to images. Another difference is that the 60d uses sd cards rather than cf cards. Starter lenses for canon eos dslrs bob atkins photography im not going to lie, this. You can find bob atkins list of canon ef series lenses, which fully. Facebook twitter youtube instagram sign up for our weekly newsletter. The canon os utility software can be used to check which lenses are in the database and to add others for which the data is available.

Probably the most frequent complaint or cause for concern about a lens is that its not sharp, but what does that mean. Take a closer look at this affordable sigma telephoto zoom with photographer bob atkins as he investigates its optical stabilization, speed, and more. Camera lens testing sharpness, chromatic aberration and distortion. Cameras, lenses, printers, software, books, magazines. Acutance and subjective quality factor sqf are measures of perceived print or display sharpness. It was originally developed and sold as commercial software by idealab, but it was. The filter, film and scene databases are customizable. When you want more and ore and more background blurring, the easiest way to get that is to use a longer focal length, one in which the massive lens diameter openings at each fstop value are significantly larger than with short focal length lenses. Sensors ranging from apsc to fullframe are designed to match their lenses, which cover ranges from 2875mm equivalent, so image quality is topnotch. Though this lens has been around for quite some time, bob tells us why it is a good value lens. Can a canon 7ds serial number tell us the manufacturing date. Camera and lens database canon slr lens talk forum. Canon eos 60d, 50d, 7d and rebel t2i compared bob atkins. The md mount means its really cheap but not unfortunately usable on the k01.

Fullframe lenses softer on crop sensor bodies page 5. A common complaint seen on web photo forums is that cameras andor lenses arent achieving accurate focus. Canon currently produce over 60 different lenses for canon eos bodes. I bought the kit lens with it, but i am looking to expand my lens collection. The fraction of users using a 2x with 5004 and 6004 lenses on a regular basis is apparently pretty small compared with all the users of their other professional lenses which are f2. I found this excellent post below from about using manual focus lenses on canon eos bodies via this great article at photojojo. Interestingly, this page indicates that as of 2016, at least some lenses still have this date code stamped on them contradicting other references that say the date code system was phased out in 2010 or 2011. The fixed lens camera market may be a bit niche, but its here that youll find some of the best cameras you can buy. The camera has a database of about 20 canon lenses. It costs more, but is a fraction of the price of your lens. A guide to testing camera lenses part 1 an introduction to lens testing and evaluation. Light passes and refracts through the unsilvered front side of the lens element, reflects off the aluminized or silvered back surface. Lensalign and focustume enagble a user to optimize lens performance by. A simple guide to basic tests you can do on camera lenses to make sure they are performing up to expectations.

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